Indonesian language — Things People Should Know When Learning Indonesian

// March 22nd, 2012 // maestro

There are basic things that people who want to learn Indonesian language should know before engaging on the education.  Here are the three things that they have to put in mind:


Bahasa Indonesia is read or pronounced as they are written

Here are the examples of Indonesian words that sound as they are written. There are no proper syllable stress and diphthongs that a learner has to follow. The following also includes the English translation for the words or phrases. Here they are:

  • Selamat Pagi–pronounced as Se-la-mut Pagee– Good morning
  • Selamat Siang – pronounced as Se-la-mut Si-ang–Good Afternoon at (11am to 3pm)
  • Selamat Sore – pronounced as Se-la-mut Ma-lam–Good afternoon at (3pm)
  • Selamat Malam –pronounced as Se-la-mut—Goodnight
  • Selamat Tinggal—Goodbye
  • Silahkan – Please
  • Terima Kasi – Thank You

Sentences don’t have the article “the” or “a” at the beginning

The surprising thing about the Indonesian Language is that a sentence starts with the subject or verb immediately. No articles “the,” “a,” or “an,” are included as a beginning word of a sentence.  Sometimes the language has stress or high pitch sound at the end if this indicates a question, with the word “kah” at the end of the sentence.

Bahasa Indonesia is the easiest language in Indonesia

Although the people in Indonesia speak lots of native or Indonesia dialects all over the country, the Bahasa Indonesia still is the official language of the republic. It is easier to learn than other dialects in Indonesia.

So there you go the things that you should know first before engaging yourself in Indonesian language. This way it won’t be difficult for you to learn since you already know the fundamentals of it.

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