Learn To Speak Indonesian the Easy Way with LearnToSpeakIndonesianUbud.com

// April 24th, 2012 // maestro

Halo! Surprisingly, that is how you say “Hello” in Indonesian. Bahasa Indonesia or literally translates as The Language of Indonesia is one of the most spoken language all over the world next to Chinese. Since there are 238 million people living in the archipelago it is only safe to answer that a lot of people indeed speak the language.

The language is a dialect of Malay, an Austranesian language which has been used as Lingua Franca within the country for centuries. Though there are other dialects that originate from Bahasa Indonesia, the language is still widely spoken among many people within the archipelago. Dutch settlement in the 1800’s has left its mark on the Indonesian people as well. However, being a major trading mark in Southeast Asia to the world, the people has also adapted words from Chinese, Arabic, Hebrews, Sanskrit and many others.

Communication is really important, especially for tourists that are looking forward to visiting the place. Though some people speak English in the region but most of them can’t. One tip though, you are visiting the country, so it is you that need to adapt to their environment and learning the language is one of those adaptations. Indonesians appreciate your effort in learning the language just to communicate. This appreciation is shown through their hospitality and being friendly to travelers.

Bahasa Indonesia is a great and easy language to learn and LearnToSpeakIndonesianUbud.com is a website that can do so. The website caters to any inquiries about the language and you will be able to learn them at your own pace. Learning Indonesian is a fascinating thing to do with a rich history that goes with it.

It is definitely a proven way of learning BahasaIndonesia. The people’s heritage and culture lie within its languages and dialects. TerimaKasih and have fun learning Indonesian.